Thursday, May 10, 2012

Collecting John Pickford: Nezumi (Oriental Ratman) from Four A Miniatures

And here is another one for you. Have been sitting on this piece of information for quite some time now, but now Andrew Coleman (owner of Four A Miniatures) have made the official announcement and I can now share this little beauty with you all.

John Pickford has done Andy a Ratman in a Samurai Warrior kind of style. Most suited for Oriental Fantasy war gaming of course, but without much work he can easily be used in most Fantasy gaming, IMO.
Hopefully this is one here will just be the first of a series of cool "Four A-Pickford" sculpts.

The Ratman is not officially released yet, but is due out within the next few months - but Andy has kindly offered me a spare copy from the mastering process :)

Four A Miniatures: Nezumi 
Crisp metal Cast
My assembled model

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