Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Back in the saddle

Just a little something I did for the monthly challenge at Powerfist.dk

Theme this month was "Back in the saddle" and I had recently picked up the most perfect miniature for this theme. So, actually not that much of "challenge".

Late 2011, Adam Gayford (WhiffWaff) made an excellent "Mounted Orc" representing an Orc mounted on a Hobby Horse pushed by another Orc/Ogre. Adam announced the miniature was up for sale and it didn't take long before the sculpt was sold and later showed up at Mark Dixon's fantastic little company CP Models.

Adam Gayford's greens as seen on lead-adventure.de

I couldn't resisted the temptation and had to pick it up. Not sure what to use it for, though - so the model have been sitting on my desk for months - but with the announcement of the painting challenge, I instantly knew what I had to do.

But as my goblin collection is growing I came up with an idea using the miniature for as mount for a Goblin Hero/Character. So a quick look through the goblin collection and I picked out a Goblin Wolf Rider Commander for the Wargames Foundry Goblin range (yes, it's a Pickford - can't help it). So replaced the Orc rider with a Goblin and gave the Ogre a little facejob to bring him more in line with the Pickford style.

And turned out like this:

Kit bash: CP Models Mounted Orc meets Foundry Goblin Commander

Came up with the Blue/Orange goblin colour scheme rather late, so now I kind of regret the red jacket on the Ogre. Think I might redo that ....? Think an orange one will suit him better :-)

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