Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Collecting John Pickford: Devil Inside Productions

Devil Inside Productions is a new company with a mission of creating a range of 28mm classic demons and other denizens of Hell ready to be summon into your homes and eventually bring out a board game to support their line of Demons & Denizens. Eventually, we might also see some of their sculpts entering the fantasy football scene, as there are planed Fantasy Football variants for some of them, too.

The company ran their first (wave 1) successful "Hell Awaits..."-Kickstarter campaign back in September 2017.

A second wave ran successfully in February 2018. This time it included a Kali, Goddess sculpted by John Pickford.

Kali is gruesome in appearance, wearing a necklace of human skulls and a skirt of severed arms, along with her vicious, violent acts including drinking the blood of her victims she seems very frightful and scary, but the Goddess Kali is often thought of as more of a Demon killer and it's actually other Demons who should be more wary of her rather than humans, for whom she'll often gladly do the bidding for.

The Kali sculpt is based on original artwork by Gordon Napier (edited by Xipe/Devil Inside Productions) and I'm grateful been given permission to show the art-piece here, to show how well John has transformed this into a miniature.

Artwork by Gordon Napier ©Devil Inside Productions

But on to the actual sculpt, cause I've just taken delivery of my Wave 2-demons and I have had the chance playing around with Kali.

Comes in a nice blister packaging

She is a horrific looking miniature, indeed - but beautifully sculpted and the details is very scarp and crisp. John did a fantastic job bringing the art to life.

The miniature is cast in resin (yes, I know ... resin :-( ), mainly - cause as you can see the trident arm is actually cast in metal. All-in-all a great piece that cleans up nicely and goes together very well. Hysterical Games did a great job casting her up. Top job.

Now, Devil Inside Productions is running their third "Hell Awaits..." campaign. This third wave also includes a Pickford piece. This time it's Baal, the first King of Hell. A strange looking demon, who appears in the forms of spider-centaur-creature with a man (king), cat and toad head. Here's Gordon Napier's art piece for Baal

Artwork by Gordon Napier ©Devil Inside Productions

Devil Inside Productions has showed these pictures of the work-in-process on their Facebook-page:

And on the campaign pages there's a picture of the resin master - he looks cool - and like a lot of fun painting.

"Hell Awaits... wave 3"

So Devil Inside Productions is definitely a company watching out for if you are into the demons or - like me - fanatically collecting John's sculpts, cause I've heard rumours that 3 more sculpts are in the works. So look out for coming waves, too.

If you'd like to see more, you'll find Devil Inside Productions by clicking the link or the logo in the top. 

You'll find their currently running "wave 3"-campaign by clicking the embedded KS-link below. 

Lastly, you can find John's work for Devil Inside Productions on a new page on the Collecting John Pickford-wiki

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