Tuesday, June 5, 2018

MM90 Painting Countdown: Next challenge

Well, it's seems like Mr. Slow-hands actually do paint, he's just not going to blog about it or tell me! But he told fellow members at Chaos Dwarfs Online about it - but if he can't blog about it himself, I'll do it- so here it is, Sjoerd's take at the MM90/3d


Awesome job. Real like the tone of the orange and horns are really nicely done. Excellent job, Sjoerd.

So, we are on for the next one. I'm half way there so it's time for do the first one from the MM90/1 blister. So, Mr. Trouwee - how about we do the MM90/1d

On your mark, get set, go .....

Update 12th May 2018:
Hmm, it seems like Sjoerd don't have the 1D with him in Abu Dhabi, so we shall do 1B instead.

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