Monday, June 11, 2018

Mr. Big Button and his sidekick Rocket Man

On this day in history:

According to Fox News, the two dictators - Mr. Big Button and Rocket Man - will be having a meeting at the Pirate Port of Santosa, in a few hours.

Dear Tony Blair: DTB7 - Leaders of the 'Almost' Free World

Apparently, their meeting is about non of them are having fun with the games they have been playing. And trust me, those of us watching haven't had any fun either.

So here's my piece of advice for you guys: "if the game you are playing, ain't fun, don't bend the rules to try making them fun (cause you both failed, miserably). Put the war games aside and try out a different game". Maybe you should try out Carcassonne. Wife, kids and I are having lots of fun with Carcassonne. Always makes a good laugh. And I'm sure you would have fun, too.

Dear Tony Blair: DTB7 Trumpy aka Mr. Big Button

Dear Tony Blair: DTB7 Kim Do aka Rocket Man

Both miniatures are sculpted by Bob Olley. Oh, and Kim Do is sitting on a 30mm base "Aftermath post apoc" base topper by Fenris Games.

For more info about the Dear Tony Blair Politicos go check out Dave's blog:

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