Saturday, October 26, 2019

MM90 Painting Countdown: 8

Though, I'm a sworn fellow of the "Haters of the Blue" (original phrase by Juan Hidalgo and if you don't know it go check out his awesome painting channel) I've challenge myself doing the next one in bright blue. Still struggle doing blues, but I'm more pleased with this one, than any previous attempts.
Another big problem is my camera, as its as bad at picking up blues, as I am painting it. The "lighten blue highligths ends looking very white, but they ain't as white as seen down here, really.

But here it is, the #MM90PaintingCountdown no. 8 - Mr. Light Blue

Marauder Miniatures: MM90/2D

Update 28-10-2019

And Sjoerd has called next one. the Skull face on in the MM90/2 blister (C). This one scares the shit out of me. Have tried painting this one multiple time, and each time int ends up in a stripping jar again 😖 I've got two of these and both suffers from tricky mould lines and weak details. It looks spectacular from a distance, but close up and with +3.5 glasses on it looks like a lump of clay.

But here we go .. I shall give it another go, because that's the challenging part of this ... 😊 But don't expect seeing this anytime soon.


  1. Blue indeed sucks to paint... But you did brilliant, really love the feel of the model, it would fit right in with the painted originals!

  2. A very unusual colourscheme, but you made it work. Nicely done!