Thursday, March 19, 2015

Collecting John Pickford: More Ewal Dvergar

People that follow my Ewal Dvegar blog would already have seen these last sunday, but I'd really like to share them on here, too.

During the winter, John Pickford has been working on the next for my Ewal Dvergar forces - Core warriors with guns. A few weeks ago I received a nice big box with all the new greens but also a few nice "gems" from John's sculpting youth. But today's post is all about the greens :)

The new warriors are are mainly rework of the existing Crossbowmen - but for a proper aiming pose, a completely new sculpt have been made. Apart from this new aiming pose, the gunners will re-use the swappable Sallet/helmet system found on the Crossbowmen.

Here are the 3 new headless gunner-poses and their helmets:

As said, non of the excising poses where optimal for an aiming pose so we decided doing a brand new piece:

But we didn't stop there. After building command groups using the 3 different standards options on existing warrior bodies, I'd realised that I needed an alternative musician. I have made a head swap on one of the existing ones, but saw that I needed a more general change to the overall appearance - so challenge John to do another one based on the original. I think he was rather successful, don't you?

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