Sunday, March 15, 2015

More Ewal Dvergar, a Bird Shaman and an ugly beast

These here were also painted back in November/December. Most of them are from my private Ewal Dvergar/John Pickford adventure - but also 2 pieces sculpted by myself.

First, the most anticipate Ewal Dvergar core warriors with Crossbows. You simply can't do a Dwarf Army without a huge section of missile troops, can you? When I set out on this venture the crossbow men where second on the list of what I wanted to build, and am very pleased with the result. John did an incredible job sculpting them.

Clam Miniatures: Ewal Dvergar Core Warriors with Crossbowmen

At the same time John worked on the missile troops he also took on the task of doing a command group/support - or more precise a musician and a standard bearer. He did a fantastic job - and the two was an absolutely joy painting.

Clam Miniatures: Ewal Dvergr Standard Bearer 

Clam Miniatures: Ewal Dvergr Musician

And the complete group beside each other:

One of the many benefits of doing your own miniatures are that a empty slot in your master mould can be filled out with your own weird creation just for the price of metal - and with 8-10 spins from those moulds, I'd have enough piece playing around with and perhaps paint. In the latest master mould I found room for two of these home-brewed miniatures.

First one is a "Bird Shaman". Haven't had the courage yet, to try doing faces - so I covered his face with a huge bird skull. Will make a nice proxy Sorcerer in my Dwarf Army till John can do me a proper one :)

Second one is slight more weird. I've had some sculpting practise dwarf dollies made which I've been using for spare epoxy putty - one of these dollies ended up as a snake/beastly creature and have been painted too. To emphasize his snaky look, I gave it a Coral Snake colour scheme ;-)

So, I got 10 more "men" ready for the battlefield:


  1. I love your 2 sculpts just has much as the pickford ones :)

  2. I concur with Chico. Those are brilliant.

  3. I concur with Chico. Those are brilliant.

  4. Yep, another great batch. Your two sculpts are tremendous too, particularly the Shaman. Any chance of a (cough) copy...

    1. If, and only if, there is room in the next Character mould (the new Sjoerd's and the alternative musician) he'll get a empty spot. So keep an eye on the Ewal Dvergar blog/FB page for news. If it fails, I probably can be persuade, letting the master mould spin a few more rounds :-)